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Argo Workwear

Workwear, you wear with pride and takes quality as its top priority!

Providing uniform and workwear solutions for industries including beauty, healthcare, and hospitality.


Work hard, Play hard, Look Smart.

The best value for Mature Men clothing in Indonesia.


Way of the jeans warrior.

Masculine, Rugged, Casual.

The rugged and robust Men’s brand with a unique Japanese authenticated premium jeans line fits today’s urban lifestyles.

Miyoshi Josei

For the women in you.

Dynamic, Modern, Feminine.

The complimentary version of the younger Miyoshi targeted the established independent career and layback women who adore carefree lifestyles.


Your denim Experience.

Dynamic, Modern, Feminine.

That represents the youth’s ardent and adventurous lifestyle of casual living, captured through our sophisticated and yet casual looking fine jeans, jackets, and dresses.

Run thing

Woman Urban Clothing

Sustainably Stylish with an amazing range of contemporary wear. Using a natural fabric with earthy colors and textures, Run Thing offers comfortable modest wear for environmentally conscious personality.


Women Casual Wear

Make a fashion statement using cultural-infused apparel. Neusa offers the designer’s pieces made ready to wear that you don’t want to miss. The brand offers modern chic designs with a touch of tradition.


Muslim wear for Muslim

Modest fashion has been considered as one of the fastest-growing market segments in the fashion industry. It is found to be the most revolutionary in terms of styling.


Business wear made comfort

We do want to feel cozy, wearing ‘feel like home’ clothing when we deal with challenging activities in the office.