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Garments Business Overview


Garment workwear business (under Lifestyle by Argo Manunggal) is a business that focuses on:

  • Development and garment manufacturing of a wide range of uniform & workwear for multi industries (healthcare, hospitality, business wear, leisurewear, workwear & PPE, beauty & Spa, etc) and corporate wear fabrics made to international & European standards.
  • New technical and added value for all type of workwear product with supported by in house design, garment sample, and Fully automated garment production:
    • Use pattern nesting software ACUUMARK,
    • The cutting section uses an automatic spreader and IMA automatic cutting machine.
    • Sewing machine uses 651 automatic modern sewing machines Vi.Be. Ma (ITA), Juki & Brothers (JPN)
  • We are a complete service provider with a combination of our the strength, innovation of garment, design, and with state of the art production capabilities (380.000 pcs/month) that we have in Salatiga central java

Why us?

  • We have a versatile in house design team work that developing a new style or design from the pattern, sketched or reference garments (pattern in any format can be received electronically, prototype garments made within 2 weeks)
  • Bulk garments order produced within 4 weeks (fabric availability) and Small order service available
  • All trims & accessories tested to European workwear standards.
  • Automated equipment and stringent quality control procedures ensure the highest standard that complies with stringent European quality standards.
  • Latest finishing techniques
  • Integrate international standard with safety, labour regulation, and ecology

Our Products


Garment under Lifestyle by Argo Manunggal (LSAM) holding provides attire for all healthcare professionals (nurse uniform, clinical nurse uniforms, support worker uniform, and...

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Service - Hospitality

Our facilities’ capabilities to provide a wide extensive range of chef's jackets and trousers, catering and bar aprons, housekeeping uniforms as well as shirts and formalwear for the front of the house. Ideal for hotel staff, bars, restaurants & more.

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From shirts to skirts, maximizing to explore a range of well-known suiting collections in a cut and colour of your choice. Consider our smart trousers and matching jackets...

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Lifestyle by Argo Manunggal (LSAM) provides a full range of comfortable casual clothing including t-shirts, polo shirts, joggers, and shorts from our garment facilities. Our practical long...

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Workwear & PPE

We are specialists with long practical experiences so we have stock a wide range of industry-standard workwear and PPE equipment for the skilled trades, food trade, engineering...

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Beauty & Spa

We are experts with our garment facilities to complete a collection of practical and professional beauty uniforms providing the comfort and daily wearability that your staff needs. From...

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