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Uniform or Casual Clothes? 3 Workplace Dressing Tips

Believe it or not, the way you dress can make or break your career. From an outsider’s perspective, how one employee dresses is also a reflection of the company where he/she works.

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Digital Printing and 5 Advantages for Textile and Fabric Production

Have you ever had a t-shirt with cool pictures or writings? Or do you have your favorite jersey? Now, some of the clothes we wear often use digital printing technology. But what is...

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Kapok, also known as silk cotton or Java cotton is lustrous, yellowish brown natural fibre typicallyfound in tropical countries. Each fibre is about 2.5 cm long, has a wide lumen (central cavity) andthins walls covered with waterproof wax. This unusual combination gives kapok someramerkable characteristics

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High Quality & Functional Comfortable Material PALPA

PALPA® is a special construction fiber which is made of polyester fiber core and covered with cotton asa sheath part. (Patent No : 1079724). Compare with spun polyester fiber, PALPA® has good sweat absorptionand diffusion.

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