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One of the fundamental values embedded in the very “DNA cell” of Argo Manunggal Group is that only in a healthy society can healthy businesses flourish. To ensure this, businesses must positively impact the community.

The Founders were instrumental in setting up pioneering institutions for sustaining and improving Educational, Social, Cultural and Religious conditions in Cikokol – the primary center of the Company’s businesses.

Thus, Lifestyle by Argo Manunggal (LSAM) has been supporting initiatives of educational, social and cultural renewal much before the term ‘CSR’ – Corporate Social Responsibility – was coined.

Lifestyle by Argo Manunggal CSR activities so far have been carried out through LION organization. Together, we are working on urban and rural settings respectively. We also have Manunggal Foundation - a recently set up section, where the whole group in the company will lead the company's CSR initiatives.

Our energies are focused on three distinct development segments:

  • Green & Sustainability
  • Health & Nutrition for Children
  • Rehabilitation

Halal Bi Halal Juvenile Penitentiary Tangerang
Juvenile Penitentiary Clothes Distribution
Environmental Services Tangerang
Covid 19 Activities
Banten Tsunami Solidarity 2018
Lapas Manunggal Cup
Care about Nutrition
Imlek 2022 ( Feed the hunger )