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Solid Dyed

Our solid piece-dyed fabrics are presented in a premium collection of diverse and brilliant colors, weights and textures. The premium collection of basic cotton fabrics supports customers in creating boundless fashion. Our fabrics are known for its reliable high-quality material, suitable for uniforms, fashion fabrics as well as technical fabrics.

Amongst our solid fabrics are pure white variants: ideal for white shirting. White shirts are especially renowned for their versatility and can be worn in almost any setting. Our other fabrics are available in wide range of tone and mood and effortlessly adapted to suit practically any situation. Bolder shades are perfect to add a charismatic element to your outfit in casual gatherings or parties.

Solid Dyed

Solid Piece Dyed Fabric At A Glance :

  • 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and blends with cotton or Rayon, Linen. and others
  • Mercerize and sanforize
  • Stretch with Lycra, and mechanical
  • Reactive, disperse & vat dyes
  • Finishes: peach skin/emersed, silky soft, chintz, water repellent
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing equipment
  • Technical finishes for industrial/uniform applications
  • Lead time: 21-30 days
  • Capacity: 2 million meters /month